Business Services

Sign Writing
Signs made with adhesive vinyl lettering can be stuck to almost any surface; metal signs, shop windows, cars.
All coloured vinyl is UV protected for outdoor use - the outdoor signs shown on the right were photographed when they were 4 years old.
Many colours available, including metallic colours.
Maximum size of any letter or graphic is 100cm.
Cut vinyl can be supplied on a sheet ready for you to apply, or we can do the whole process.

Limo Advertising
Everyone is so used to seeing parked vans with advertising, that they almost ignore them while driving.
Therefore using a striking vehicle is one way to grab potential customers attention, and what is better than a classic Cadillac limousine.
With the main body of the limo 3m long (or 7m if using a narrow banner stretching bumper to bumper), a decent sized banner can be placed almost anywhere.
Otherwise, if you need advertising whilst driving around, the limo has 2 rear passenger windows on each side which each can easily fit an A3 landscape poster.

Anything is possible; from the absolute basic to complex shopping carts.

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