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Dark Basic Tutorials

You are interested in programming computer games, but dont know where to start. This website is here to help you get a basic understanding of programming and direct you in the right path. You will be programming your very own computer games in no time, and with ease.

DarkBASIC is a programming language that allows you to create your very own computer games. DarkBASIC features more than 1000 commands that are geared towards game development, giving you an extremaly powerful tool that is easy to use. DarkBASIC uses the BASIC programming language and utilises Microsoft's game engine DirectX 9.

Programming can seem like a very distant and alien language, but not for much longer.

These tutorials are created for programming using DarkBASIC Professional, but the concepts and most of the code can be used in DarkBASIC.

These tutorials cover the basics of programming and will help you get a grip on programming and push you in the right direction to be able to create the next best seller.

DarkBASIC website: www.darkbasic.com


Here are some shots of the quality of games you could be making after just one day!

So, why dont you get started?


Tutorials By:

Lyndon Carter


Helpful Hint:

Pressing F1 will open DarkBASIC help.


Helpful Hint:

Press F1 and click on 'Index' to get a complete list of every sinlge command in DarkBASIC.